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Maximo Marcuso has that beautiful divine voice of a tenor and with it the ability to impress and entertain his audiences in an exceptional and memorable way. At his concerts he gives people of all ages something incredibly special and unique. Maximo is the new bridge to the next generation of music lovers who are about to discover Classical Music and Opera.

Maximo broadens the horizons of classical music and brings untold numbers of new fans, young and old alike, to his precious art.  His thrilling tenor voice, handsome appeal and unique personality reach countless audiences throughout the world, and he is the personification of present day Opera and Classical Crossover music on the Internet and social media.  His singing will momentarily transport you to a romantic and magical place and will transform that moment into a lasting delightful recollection as he gifts us with his extraordinary musical talent.

Maximo’s performances continually thrill audiences with his beautiful and diverse repertoire of operatic arias, classical crossovers, Broadway standards and contemporary music. Recent engagements include Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, and major cities in the United States such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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The audience was enthused by his performance and charisma, evident in every millisecond of his presentation.  He made the night so special and memorable.
Pasadena Outlook Newspaper

Maximo pulls audiences from all over the world. 'His Star is Definitely on the Rise'.
Channel 7 News

Maximo mesmerizes the crowds. People from all over the world found his world-class show electrifying.
Hard Copy KCBS Television, New York

I can honestly say that the audiences were extremely moved by Maximo’s vocal range and personality. Many people in his concerts had never had the pleasure of experiencing the power and glamour of a live operatic voice. Safe to say, their appreciation had permanently changed. You will truly understand why he is called the Tenor of the Americas!
Fritz Coleman, NBC4
pasedena pops 3.jpg

“La Sorgente- World Premiere” Maximo at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater Hollywood, California Opera Arias Inspired By The Poetry Of Pope John Paul II

The finest singer I’ve ever worked with! Maximo, is one of the few truly great tenors in the world! His passion for his art is not only displayed in his excellent musicianship and performance qualities, but also
in his devotion to his life-long goals.  His glorious voice and joyful heart embraces countless audiences throughout the world. Maximo broadens the horizons of classical music
Victor Vanacore - Grammy Award Composer and Conductor

maximo_Pasedena 2.jpg
The Church Palace - Rome Italy
Special Guest Tenor Maximo Marcuso
American celebrity, tenor Maximo Marcuso knighted by the Papal Order of Cavalieri Di San Silvestro in Rome, Italy.  After the sacred ceremony he has cheered the assembly at the Church Palace Auditorium in Rome, presenting a mixture of songs and pleasant melodies fused with his splendid and extraordinary voice.  Maximo had warmed the souls of our distinguished audience that welcomed him with an intense ovation.
Uff. Rome Press
“America-Fest 4th of July Concert”
Rose Bowl Stadium - Pasadena, California
Maximo, “Tenor of the Americas” received the “Blood and Fire Award of Excellence” by Major General Megan P. Tatu, Chief of Staff - 63D Regional Readiness Command of the United States Army, For His Outstanding Rendition of patriotic songs, including the “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America.”
Maximo, a musical ambassador to the world - awarded by the California Legislature Assembly, by the California State Senate and by Las Vegas Legislature Assembly, For His invaluable Artistic Contributions to the Arts and Education, and For His Support and Commitment to the American, Italian-American, Hispanic and Afro-American communities.
Maximo Pasedena Rosebowl_July 4th_2.jpg
Pasadena Symphony and Pops
"A Night at the Oscars Concert".
Amazing Rendition of “The Star Spangle Banner” by Tenor of the Americas Maximo Marcuso Sierra Summer Concert -
LA County Arboretum
Maximo Featured by Golden State Symphony and Pops
Golden State and Pops' Film Music and Concert Orchestra returned this year with joyous music and high spirits featuring world known Passion of the Christ film Composer John Debney and famous Soloist Maximo Marcuso for the acclaimed production "Holiday POPS Spectacular”.
Maximo holy night 2.jpg
Under the direction of GSPO's founder, composer and conductor Maestro Steven Allen Fox and Maestra Marya Basaraba, GSPO Chorale director,Maximo lifted the spirit of all the audience to an euphoric ovation with his unique and outstanding rendition of "God Bless us Everyone' by Alan Silvestri, and the Oh Holy Night’.
"There are people who can sing technically and people who can truly move you, but there are very few people like Maximo who can sing with the heart and uplift your spirit".
Steven Allen Fox, Film Composer and Conductor
Maximo Golden State 2.jpg
"I jumped to my feet when Maximo finished singing. He is gifted man with a loving voice. Maximo sings to stir hope and joy in the hearts of his audience. He blesses the world everywhere he goes. Maximo, we love you"
Dr. Robert Schuler, Founder of the Crystal Cathedral. "Hour Of Power" Television Ministry
"In the years that I have known and worked with Maximo, I have found him to be highly dedicated to his career. His gorgeous voice and excellence shine through each of his performances. His ability to connect with his audience creates a unique concert experience, which you will not forget".
Mark Ryley, Director and Conductor Crystal Cathedral Hour of Power Philharmonic
maximo_Conductor 2.jpg
Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra &
Maximo Marcuso "Voices of Glory Concert”

"You cannot imagine all of the positive comments and newspaper write-ups of last Saturday! Maximo’s awesome singing was the greatest".
Dr. Director Selmer Spitzer, South Nevada Symphony Orchestra
Maximo LA Times 2.jpg

In Miami, the Latin Music throbs throughout the city, and Maximo is the hottest star!

London Nights TV

Many artist and music celebrities were so enthralled. As audience members during  Maximo’s  world-beat concerts, they  literally  jumped  on stage  and  joined  in  the  musical celebration.

The Miami Herald, Florida

OMG! Classical singer, Maximo Marcuso stole hearts when he  launched  into  several  favorites,  including  ‘Be  My  Love’, at the Toluca Guild CHLA Fundraising Concert. He ended with   the   classic,   ‘Nessun   Dorma’,   which   showcased   his powerful   voice.   But   the   highlight   was   when   the   oh-so-handsome  singer  came  over  to  the  ladies  opera-lovers  and kissed theirs hand. Atta-girl!

Margie Barron  Entertainment Today

Maximo Marcuso looks incredibly like a young Mario Lanza, especially  when he sings the opera  arias.  He  had  the ladies swooning as he shared his vocal gifts. It’s Maximo’s mission to support the annual fundraising event of the Toluca Guild of  Children’s  Hospital  of LA,  and  over  the  past  years  it’s been a joy to see him uplifting the spirit of so many people.

The Tolucan Times

My heart was fully taken when I heard Maximo singing! and I  look  forward  to  the  day  very  soon  when  Maximo  will  join Lanza,  Domingo,  Pavarotti  and  Carreras  on  the  list  of  the world's greatest tenors!

Mark Baranov - LA Phil Concert Master Philharmonic Affiliates Chair 

Three  standing  ovations!  Maximo conquered  the  hearts  of all  the opera lovers.  He  was the  closing  act  for The  LA Opera Fundraising Concert at the Courtyard of El Portal in Pasadena.. Maximo stole the show!

Able Ramirez - Pasadena Play House Board of  Directors

Only  one  of  his  kind...Maximo  has  the  divine  voice  of  a tenor   and   a   unique   ability   as   a   classical-crossover artist to  create  a  bridge  to  the  next  generation  of  music lovers...  who  are  about  to  ‘discover’ classical  music  and opera, and perhaps a high C, for the first time!

Danny O’Donovan Entertainment Group Former Artist Manager for Frank Sinatra, The Jacksons, Yanni...

A  gifted  showman  and  a  true  entertainer!  I  couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Maximo live. I presented him as  my guest singer at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas

Not    just    a    mind-blowing    singer,   but    also    an    outstanding  musician and  songwriter!  Maximo  achieved worldwide  success  as  Spanish lyricist  for  many  artists  I produced.

Frank Farian, Music Producer

No Mercy, Boniehm, La Bouche... 

I jumped to my feet when Maximo finished singing. He is gifted man with a loving voice.Maximo sings to stir hope and  joy  in  the  hearts  of  his  audience.  He  blesses  the world everywhere he goes. Maximo,we love you!

Dr. Robert Schuler, Founder  Crystal Cathedral Television Ministry

In the years that I have known and worked with Maximo, I  have  found him  to  be  highly  dedicated  to  his career. His gorgeous voice and excellence shine through each of his   performances.   His   ability   to   connect   with   his audience creates  a unique  concert  experience,  which you will not forget.

Mark Ryley - Conductor Crystal Cathedral,  Hour of Power Philharmonic

As  a  conductor  and  a  lifelong devotee  of  classical  and sacred music,  I  have  been  privileged  to enjoy  many  great performers  and ensembles. However,  I  have  never experienced such an exceptional talent as Maximo.

Mark Voorhees - Network Broadcast TV Engineer TBN “Praise the Lord” 

A  natural  born  Tenor!  I  had  the  blessings  to  see  Maximo being  born and  to  cultivate  his  innate  talents. Since  his early  age  I  knew  he  was destined  to  be  an  artist.  I  am  so proud of being his uncle and his first mentor.

Nery Cano, Conductor National Philharmonic Guatemala, Central-America

I was delighted to provide Maximo with the benefits of my experience   and   techniques,   and   to   bring   him   to   an even higher level of excellence.

Michel Stevens - Chair Voice Department The Colburn  School of the Performing Arts

I coached  Maximo  for  one of  his   performances. I encouraged  him  to take advantage of his superlative operatic skills.

Brent  McMunn  - Vocal Arts and Opera Music Director,  USC Thornton Opera 

I  coached  Maximo  to  master  his  interpretation  of  some opera  arias  and  Italian  songs.  He  did  a  splendid  job  with everything he attempted! Frank Fetta - Director of the Culver City, Marina del Rey, Torrance and  Redlands Symphonies

 A    virtuoso    lyric  tenor!  Maximo  possesses  an  absolutely beautiful  voice.  He  is  destined  for  greatness  in  a  very powerful way.

Janet Smith - CSUF Voice Faculty-  Co-director Opera Theatre 

I am pleased to offer my strong support for tenor Maximo Marcuso. I have known Maximo for several years, during which time he has risen to the top of  his  field  for  his  extraordinary  talent  for  singing.  He  was  our  special guest singer for the “Italian American Heritage Celebration Gala” in the City  Hall  of  Los  Angeles,  and  he  allured  the  heart  of  everyone  in  the audience to a standing ovation! Without reservations, I highly recommend Mr. Maximo and I strongly believe he is an excellent ambassador of Italian music and culture in America and the World

Joe Buscaino - Council member Los Angeles, California 

Maximo  will transport  you to aromantic  and  magical place,  and  he  will transform  that  special  moment  into  a delightfully  lasting  recollection.He uplifted  our  souls  at the  NAACP’s  Women’s  History  Award  Program, which honored  outstanding  women  who  have  changed the face  of  our communities.

US Congresswoman Janice Hahn

My wife and I had traveled all over Europe and attended many operas, but never heard anyone sing  as beautifully as Maximo sang that night.

Mayor Harry T. Price City of Fairfield, California

Lovely Maximo! I want to express my profound gratitude for sharing your amazing  talent  and  helping  us to  honor  our nation’s  veterans.  You  are  an inspiration to all of us.

Naomi Rainey President Long Beach NAACP


Maximo’s  rendition  of  ‘Granada’  was  breathtaking  from beginning  to end!I   featured   Maximo   in   concert   at   the Claviheros Theater of Michoacan, Mexico. The entire audience was in complete awe.

Vicky Benitez,  Concert Producer and Designer 


He  is  a  remarkable  talent,  who  has  committed  his  life to  the  arts  and  who always  gives  a  riveting  and impressive  show.  Maximo,  also  known  as  the ‘Tenor of the Americas’ has performed at my district’s “Independence Day Celebrations”,   and   he   has   more   than   held   his   own   as   a   performer, entertaining    hundreds    of   people    with    his    unique    yet    respectful interpretation of  “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Jose Huisar - Los Angeles Councilmember


Powerful,  creative,  and  in  a  most  passionate  way,Maximo    beautifully  sang the  ‘The  Star  Spangled  Banner’  at  the  ‘Regional  Hispanic  Chamber  of Commerce   Awards   Gala’.   The   whole   world   should   have   the   honor   to experience his voice and charismatic presence.

Sandy Cajas, President/CEO, Raymond Duckworth, Director of  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 

As  I  write  this  quote,  what  comes  to  mind  is  his brilliant  performance  of opera  arias.  I  remember  that when  he  ended  it  with  such  glorious  high notes,  the entire  audience  which  included  political  leaders  and mayors  of several cities, sat in their seats motionless and in admiration of this amazing young    tenor.I    thank    Maximo for    his    professionalism    and    for    his contribution to the arts and culture.

John Arriaga, Executive Director League  of California Cities, Latino Caucus


Maximo   Marcuso,   is   humble   and   a   generous   man   and   a   genuine talented  artist  devoted  to  his  career and to  supporting  the  arts  and education.  I am the   executive director  of   Professional   Child Developmental  Associates, a non-profit  organization  that provides therapy  services for children with special needs. I have enjoyed Maximo's exceptional  voice  and witnessed how  he  wows  his  audience with his talent and engaging spirit.  Maximo has offered his singing to help with our  fundraising  efforts  by  performing  at  fundraising dinner events.  He  has  helped  up  bring  awareness  to our  mission  in  the community  by  doing  a  performance with  us  at  the  Rose  Bowl  on  the 4th  of  July.     While singing  with  the  children  with  special  needs  at PCDA, the  children  gravitate  to  his  smile  and  warmth.  He has generously offered to continue this collaboration and we look forward to benefiting from his performances and support in the near future.

Diane Cullinane, M.D. Executive Director Professional Child Development Associates

On behalf of “The Ladies of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Guild” I thank Maximo Marcuso for his artistic contribution for our 2017 fundraising luncheon concert presented at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood, CA, in benefit to the Providence St. San Joseph Medical Center. We had the most wonderful experience and the pleasure of listening to the very talented Maximo Marcuso. His voice is beautiful! He becomes engaged with the audience completely. We were totally swept away! The fun, the music, and most of all, his kind and giving heart, is something very special - we forgot where we were and just never wanted it to end. We all wanted more - much more. We were totally swept away! He brings his music to life because it’s sung with deep feeling. No only his voice a gift from heaven, but he’s also an exciting entertainer. He has it all! Thanks Maximo for making our fundraising event a great success!

Donna Mahoney - Special Event Director St. Joseph Medical Center Guild

Maximo Marcuso, the Tenor of the Americas, is a beautiful classical singer. His dramatic and inspiring voice has graced my events for several years. As the vice-president of events for Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, I was in search of a performer who would enhance our fundraising events and found that person in Maximo. Twice a year the Toluca Guild in Toluca Lake holds a fundraising event for the children’s Hospital. In attendance at these events, there are usually around 180+ affluent people in the surrounding communities. Maximo has performed at four of the events and each time we have earned thousands of additional dollars. At the last event we donated $1000,000 to the Hospital. After the events, attendees have always complimented his performance and thanked me for bringing him as our guest artist. On behalf of the Toluca Guild, I thank Maximo for his remarkable contributions.

Paola Carpenter Vice President Event Chair of Ways and Means

There is a cost to saving lives and fundraising needs to happen! On the plus side, Heartbeat International knows how to touch people’s hearts in more ways than one. On May 13th, Heartbeat International invited potential donors for a night of world-class music, fortunate to be in the crowd, I can tell you firsthand, each of us left with more than a pretty tune in our heads. The headliner at the impassioned night of enchanting music at the fundraiser was Maximo Marcuso, Tenor of the Americas, who left the audience in awe after every song. Through his passion for singing and Heartbeat International's mission, the audience was inspired to dig deep as they gave to this much-needed charitable organization. Through the night, his upbeat and fun personality touched everyone in the room as he openly shared how he was, “finding the real meaning of my life, and my career.” Marcuso ended the night asking, “How many lives are we going to save tonight?”

Heartbeat International Defraying the Cost of Saving a Life:

Published By Spencer Hubbard on 17 May 2017, Tampa Florida.


Blood and Fire Award of Excellence
Bestowed to Maximo, Tenor of the Americas - For Your Artistic Contribution and Your
Rendition of the ‘National Anthem’ and ‘God Bless America’.

3rd Commanding General of South California

State of California Senate, Certificate and Recognition
Presented to Maximo, Tenor of the Americas - In Honor of Your Exceptional Performance
and Contribution to The Miss Universe USA Pageant.

Gilbert A. Cedillo, Senator

California Legislature Assembly, Certificate of Recognition
Presented to Maximo, Tenor of the Americas In Honor of Your Excellent Artistic Involvement and Your
Commitment to the American and Latin American Communities of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Norma J. Torres, California State Senator

Los Angeles Unified School District, Certificate of Appreciation
Presented to Maximo, Tenor of the Americas - In Appreciation of Your Invaluable Support to the
Multicultural and Educational Conference.

Christopher Downing, Administrator

California Department of Fish and Game Award of Recognition
Presented to Maximo, Tenor of the Americas -For Your Support to the Volunteer Program Awards Gala
and for His Extraordinary Performance of ‘The Star Spangles Banner’ and Patriotic Hymns.

Lieutenant Kent Smirl Founder of Fish and Game Volunteer Program

National Pride Award: Granted to Maximo Marcuso
For His Firm Commitment to Representing Our Country’s Culture and Arts, and For His Involvement In Benefitting Our Poor Communities. 460th Anniversary of the foundation of the Historical and Centenary City of Antigua Guatemala.
Oscar Berger Former General President of Guatemala
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